How Summer Solutions Works

Summer Solutions is doable! They can just do a couple of pages a day, and it’s an easy routine to get going and stick with.”

Corinne Cartwright, parent

What a year! You and your child made it through all the ups and downs, and you deserve all the summer fun you can handle! Scheduling a little learning in between all that fun can help fill in any learning gaps that occurred during the school year, so your child is ready to jump back into school in the fall. So, how do you create a well-balanced summer routine? Summer Solutions believes that summer learning should be quick and focused, leaving plenty of time for outdoor activities and unstructured fun.

Because each Summer Solutions lesson reviews a variety of skills, you can feel confident knowing that your child is reviewing and revisiting skills from the previous school year. And the best part is that each lesson takes just minutes a day to complete!

Summer Solutions is an easy way to review the material and keep an academic link through the summer. The lessons are quick and not intimidating for the kiddos.”

Sarah Mies, parent

Summer Solutions Fast Facts:

  • Each workbook contains 30 lessons.
  • Students complete 3 lessons per week during the 10-week summer.
  • Each lesson reviews a variety of skills.
  • Lessons take just minutes a day to complete.
  • Workbooks contain Help Pages and Answer Key.


Click on each Summer Solutions incentive chart to download and print. Decide what reward will be earned when your child completes a lesson. Make it work with your family and your rules. Some families do not allow electronic devices until the lesson is complete. Other families give “credit” for treats at the pool concession stand after each lesson is completed. Others allow their kids to choose a fun activity after a week of lessons.