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Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Summer Solutions Workbooks for Children Pre-K through Grade 8.

Keep your children learning year round and avoid the dreaded "summer learning loss" with our proven math and language arts skill retention system.
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  • Provides consistent review and practice of important math skills and concepts.

    Mathematicsmathematics workbooksarrow
  • Provides instruction and practice with the most effective problem solving strategies.

    Problem SolvingProblem Solvingarrow
  • Addresses math and language skills that prepare children for kindergarten.

    Pre-KPre-K math and language skillsarrow
  • Addresses the fundamentals necessary for mastery of the English language.

    English Grammar & WritingEnglish Grammar Worksheetsarrow
  • Provides reading practice and comprehension development in a variety of genres.

    Readingsummer readingarrow
  • Provides instruction and practice of organizational, test-taking, and time management strategies.

    Study Skillsimprove study skillsarrow
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