If your child uses Simple Solutions in the classroom, choose the book that exactly matches the grade level and the title of the book he/she is using in the classroom.

If your child does not use Simple Solutions in the classroom, look at the samples on the web page before making your decision. We will be happy to chat with you to help you choose the best version for your child. Parents typically purchase one or the other. This is especially true for the 1st-grade math books. Because the books share many of the same standards, both 1st-grade books are VERY SIMILAR.
Choose the Summer Solutions level that matches the grade your child is completing or has just completed. For example, if your child has just finished second grade, choose Level 2. Summer Solutions books are designed to revisit skills and concepts that have already been introduced and mastered. The purpose is to allow your child to retain what was learned over the past year and in previous years.
Standard ground shipping is $3.99 and is added to the $16.99 price of the book. Upon checkout, you can select alternative shipping options for an additional fee.
All Summer Solutions books come with answer keys, located in the back of each book.
Summer Solutions books are designed to be used three times per week during the 10–week break. Each lesson typically takes only minutes to complete.
Your order will ship two to three business days after the order has been placed. Please look for an email with your tracking information once your order has shipped.
Please call 877-382-7537 and ask for the Summer Solutions Exchange and Return Department. We will be happy to work with you to get the correct book into your child's hands as quickly as possible.