Standards-Based Mathematics 3

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Summer Solutions Standards-Based Mathematics 3 is for students who are entering 4th grade.


  • 30 lessons of mixed review
  • help pages
  • complete answer key
  • aligns with and supports Standards-Based instruction


  • solve two-step word problems
  • fluently add and subtract within 1,000
  • fluently multiply and divide within 100
  • measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses of objects
  • use multiplication and division to solve word problems
  • multiply side lengths to find area of rectangles
  • multiply one-digit whole numbers by multiples of 10
  • recognize and generate simple equivalent fractions
  • find perimeter, area, and unknown side lengths
  • measure time intervals; tell time to the nearest minute
  • partition shapes into equal parts
  • understand attributes of shapes
  • understand commutative, associative, and distributive properties of multiplication
  • and more...

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